Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Ebony’s Beauty Hair and Skin Care


A mother of five, a wife, and an elementary school teacher, Ebony Roberts expresses she has always been passionate about beauty, self-care, and helping others feel confident by actualizing their most beautiful selves.

According to Roberts, as a young girl, she became passionate about beauty and self-care. She added she was “so infatuated with the industry that she started experimenting with various ingredients at just ten years old and became a self-taught beauty expert”.

Today, what started as a young girl’s obsession has morphed into a thriving business that serves a global clientele with multiple products that provide them with what Robert’s declares are “amazing results”.

Roberts went on to say “We believe Ebony Beauty Roberts embodies that anything is possible if we believe in ourselves.”

Robert’s products are online at www.ebonysbeauty.shop or at 1800 North East Evangeline Thruway C6 in Lafayette, Louisiana, inside the Northgate Mall.

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