Friday, April 19, 2024
Friday, April 19, 2024

Emmy’s Ice Cream Bar


Tim Cope and his wife Laura, along with their daughter Emmy opened Emmy’s Ice Cream Bar in Broussard on November 30, 2020.

Today marks their two year anniversary of being opened. “We made it through Covid and hurricanes”, said Cope. He added they are blessed for making it through those difficult times.

Emmy, now thirteen years old, wanted to build a snow ball stand since she was five years old. Five years ago they moved to Broussard from Cope’s home town of Columbus, Ohio. Laura is from this area and wanted to move back home to Cajun Country.

When they got here it was in December and it was sleeting. They went to Borden’s Ice Cream on Johnston Street in Lafayette at that time and a realization came to Cope. He looked at Emmy smd told her he thinks he has her snow ball stand. From there Emmy’s dream for a snow ball stand became Emmy’s Ice Cream Bar.

Emmy’s is a family friendly environment with a play room for the kids. The play room has a large glass window so parents can sit in the eating area and be able to see their children play.

When Cope was deciding on where to get their ice cream, he found one from Madison, Wisconsin. This ice cream is like the ice cream he grew up with. He says their customers love both the flavors and texture of the ice cream they serve. He added their customers come from Broussard, Youngsville and from all around.

There are sixteen to eighteen flavors of ice cream at a time, including Vanilla Oats which is vegan. The top ice cream flavor is What the Emmy which is vanilla, caramel, cookie dough, Oreos and pecans. The second top flavor is Zanibar which is three different types of cocoa. The third is Exhausted Parent is a boubon infused expresso ice cream.

Their waffle cones are home made. And flattened waffle cones are cut into nacho chips for Nacho Ice Cream. This delight is made with two different flavors of ice cream, two different toppings, whipped cream and a cherry on the top.

Their home made cookie sandwiches are a favorite as well. A non ice cream favorite is their Emmy Dogs which is a hot dog, home made chili, melted cheese on a poboy bun and baked.

Emmy’s Ice Cream Bar is located at 481 Albertson Pkwy Suite 7 in Broussard, LA.

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