Thursday, December 7, 2023
Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Main Street Barber and Color Studio


Barber, hair stylist, color specialist, and cosmetologist are all conveniently located in one place in the heart of downtown Broussard.

Angela Thibeaux, the owner of Main Street Barber and Color Studio, has been in the hair industry for the last twenty-eight years.

Thibdeaux is a hair stylist, cosmetologist, hair color specialist, and master barber. Being a master barber allows her to teach others so they can get their barber license.

When starting her career in the hair industry, Thibodeaux worked for seven to eight years for Regis Corporation, where she was a manager and stylist. Her job gave her opportunities to travel for education and hair shows.

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Thibeaux moved to her current location at 103 Main Street in Broussard in July 2019. A special touch at the shop is a traditional barber pole located outside their entrance door. Although once symbolic, the barber poles are not as common today as in previous times.

Previously Thibeaux had a twelve-person salon on Albertsons Parkway and later a salon on the Youngsville Highway. When setting up shop in her current location, Thibeaux said she was full of excitement. Her motto and belief is excitement (or faith) overrules fear.

Available at the barber shop are hair products, purses, and accessories for sale.

Learn more about Main Street Barber and Color at its Facebook page.

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