Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Pink Paparatzi Couture

By Amy Delcambre, Owner of Pink Paparatzi Couture

Family has always been the center of my world. A large part of who I am, what I am, and who I want to be stems from the loved ones in my life. Growing up in a small shrimp town in Louisiana, a career in fashion didn’t seem very likely. From early on in life, I always wanted my outfit to be the latest trend, which wasn’t always the most affordable option as a sibling of five. As my passion for fashion continued to grow, I remember admiring the entrepreneurs in my area that “made it”. I decided as a teenager that I would strive to make my dream of owning a clothing store a reality.

As life progressed, I began taking jobs that could pay the bills. First, I worked as a floor consultant at Stage, and then I took my creativity to the flower shop. This job reminded me of my love for design, passion, style, and the hospitality I could offer our customers. To see someone truly love what you put together makes it worth it.

Soon after, my husband decided to open his own business. To make this possible, I took a career as a dispatcher for 911. Far from creative, this job would supply us with stability so that we could continue to grow his auto glass company. Though I was doing what I needed to do for my family, I slowly felt my dreams of owning my store fading away. A few more weeks passed as I sat in my office and wondered how different my life could be. I thought about my future family and what kind of mother I wanted to be. That day, I decided I wanted us to be the kind of parents that raised our kids to shoot for the stars. No goal was unattainable, and at that moment, I realized that it had to start with me.

Quinn and I sat down and listed the sacrifices we would have to make to open up the doors to what soon became Pink Paparatzi Couture. Pregnant for our first child, I remember being nervous about how we were going to make this work. Hard work and determination have never failed me in the past, and this would be no different. I went back to what inspired me at the flower shop and knew if I offered an environment where women felt safe and empowered, there was no way we could fail.

Needless to say, ten years later, we are still inspiring women to look and feel their best in everything we sell. Whether it be our everyday attire, our accessories, or our evening gowns, we hope every customer leaves feeling like they are part of the PPC family.

Challenging and tiresome at times, this dream fuels my life. I am motivated and appreciative every time I walk through those doors, and I hope to bring a small bit of happiness and fashion to every soul I meet.

Pink Paparatzi Couture is at 1137 South Bernard Road, Suite E, Broussard, Louisiana. To learn more, visit its website at https://liveloveppc.com/

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