Saturday, February 24, 2024
Saturday, February 24, 2024

Prejean’s Broussard Scheduled to Open Soon


Prejean’s Cajun Restaurant in Broussard is expected to open Monday, January 30, 2023. One of the owners, Tim Metcalf, said they are excited to be in Broussard.

Tim Metcalf of Prejean's Broussard
Tim Metcalf of Prejean’s Broussard. Photo credit: Karen Lagrange Cox

The Broussard location is the second location of Prejean’s with the first one located in Carencro which opened over forty years ago. Metcalf purchased Prejean’s Restaurant in Carencro two years ago from Bob Guilbeau who was the original owner.

Transformations are being made inside the building prior to the Broussard location opening. Some remodeling is being made in the building to reflect the Prejean’s brand. Ceiling beams have been recycled in to new, longer tables. A small wall cabinet with glass doors which is currently in the building will display their Prejean’s retail products and cookbooks.

The menu in Broussard will be the same as the one in Carencro, however will have fewer items on it. Metcalf said the quality of food and service will be the same quality as is in the Carencro location.

Metcalf is excited for the Broussard location to be near Nash’s Restaurant, which he says the two restaurants will complement each other.

Metcalf spoke of some of the connections he already has in Broussard and is eager to open the Broussard location of Prejean’s and to expand his connections in Broussard.

The Broussard location is owned by Metcalf, his son Greg Metcalf and Ken Boudreaux.

Metcalf is a second-generation restaurateur, his father Dean Metcalf who started Dean-O’s Pizza is first generation and his son Greg Metcalf is third generation. Metcalf owns Dean O’s Pizza Bertrand and Dean-O’s Pizza South. Metcalf has other businesses that include a storage facility and assisted living facility.

Prejean’s in Broussard is currently hiring.

Prejean’s Broussard is located at 209 North Morgan Avenue in Broussard in the building where Trapp’s was located.

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