Saturday, May 18, 2024
Saturday, May 18, 2024

Ste. Marie Home Builders


When meeting with Mark Ste. Marie of Ste. Marie Home Builders Inc. (SMHB), his desire for helping and being part of the community was abundantly clear.

SMHB was started in 1995, the same year he built his first spec home on Heart D Farm Road in Broussard. For a while he worked both in the oilfield and construction industries. He spent thirty days offshore and was home thirty days. While away he worked in fifteen different countries and on five different continents. While at home he worked in his home builders business.

His wife Cindy and step-son Tyler work with him at SMHB. The homes built by SMHB are both custom and spec homes. When any of his customers are in need, he said he goes to them himself to take care of what needs to be done. From SMHB’s website it states, “He values discipline, integrity, passion, and most of all service”.

Ste. Marie started working in 1972 when he was fifteen years old. Ken Guilbeau, who owned The Keg in Lafayette, donated his truck to Ste. Marie for one dollar. Ste. Marie used the truck to start his roofing company. He replaced roofs after school and on weekends.

In the middle 1980s, Ste. Marie moved to Florida and framed homes there. He had his own framing crew. He returned back home to Broussard in 1989.

Ste. Marie is the 2022 President of the Acadiana Home Builders Association (ABHA) and has been a member of ABHA for the last twenty plus years.

He is a fighter for consumers. One of his goals is to continue helping his industry from being overrun by bureaucracy. This in turn helps to keep prices lower for not only his customers but for consumers overall.

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Aside from ABHA and being a home builder, Ste. Marie is with a 4th degree knight with the Knights of Columbus.

Following in his grandfather’s and father’s footsteps of being prize fighters (boxers), Ste. Marie became a third generation member in it as well.

Committed to serving his community, in 1982 Ste. Marie ran for Council Member of the then Town of Broussard and was elected. His purpose for being on the Town Council was to give back to his community, something he still works to do even forty years later. Helping our communities is important, according to Ste. Marie. He believes in the importance of God and helping charitable organizations. He works two to three days a week to help charitable organizations.

Regarding elections, Ste. Marie said he feels no candidate should go unopposed, as opposition helps to hold the position accountable.

When the election for his recent run for the City Council District 3 seat on the now City of Broussard was over, he called his opponent, Jesse Regan, to congratulate him on his re-election. They discussed what they both learned from the constituents and looking to use that knowledge to work together for the good for both District 3 and for the City of Broussard to help keep it moving it in the right direction.

Ste. Marie added both he and Regan are good men and knew whichever of the two men to win the election was a win for District 3.

“The most important thing people can do for others is be kind”, said Ste. Marie.

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