Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Ton’s Drive-In


Ton’s has been a fixture in Broussard since 1963. It was at that time Rosemary Girouard wanted to open a restaurant after her brother opened a restaurant in La Rose.

When Ton’s opened in 1963 it was located where the current Edward Jones office (the Ton’s building was torn down) is now on Main Street. In 1975 a new building was built for Ton’s which is where the current location is located at the corner of Main and Morgan Streets.

Hollie and Karl Girouard with Ton's
Daughter and Father – Hollie and Karl Girouard. Photo credit: Karen Lagrange Cox

Ton’s was named after Rosemary’s husband Alton, whose nickname was Ton. Their son Karl said his father worked at Lafayette Hardware in Lafayette and often took orders from local residents for hardware supplies for the hardware store and brought their orders to them so that they didn’t have to drive to Lafayette. Alton’s twin, Maxim had Girouard’s Nursery in Broussard.

Karl took over the restaurant in the 1990s. Now Karl’s daughter, Hollie, has the Restaurant.

Breakfast and lunch, which are cooked to order, are served daily, with the exception of it being closed on Sunday.

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