Wednesday, November 29, 2023
Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Americans for Prosperity-Louisiana Sees 4 Endorsed Candidates Win on Election Day with 18 Total Elected This Cycle

Nearly 180,000 Points of Citizen Outreach Made Since August

Baton Rouge, LA – Americans for Prosperity-Louisiana (AFP-LA) celebrated the wins of three additional endorsed candidates this weekend, including one previously supported candidate who faced a runoff from the primaries. This brings the total to 17 State House and Senate seats won by AFP-LA endorsed candidates this cycle, in addition to the office of the Governor. 

AFP-LA State Director Scott Simon issued the following statement:   

“It is no coincidence that Louisianians across the state found AFP-LA supported candidates were the most principled leaders to serve in office. We are thrilled by the outcomes of this election season and grateful for the work of our activists who spent countless hours talking to voters.  

“Some of Louisiana’s best days are ahead of us with strong leaders taking office who will drive transformative change in the state and put the needs of the community first.” 

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Successful AFP-LA Endorsed HouseCandidates:  

  • HD 53 Chairwoman Jessica Domangue 
  • HD 68 Dixon McMakin 
  • HD 74 Peter Egan, Sr. 
  • HD 89 Kim Carver 

Since early August, AFP-LA grassroots activists have made nearly 180,000 points of citizen outreach including 42,935 phone calls and 135,855 doors knocked throughout the state. 

Click here to read more about AFP-LA backed candidates who won in October’s elections. 

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