Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Clarity Comes with a Process

by Nate Moore

What I get to do today wasn’t really what I thought I wanted when I first set out in business. However, what I am doing today, I realize is exactly what I want to do. The difference between now and my humble beginnings is clarity.

We do a lot of things that we really don’t feel significant in doing when we lack clarity. We make excuses of why we do the things we do, but deep down, we don’t really believe in those things that we are doing. We believe and know that there has to be more.

I know because I was there. My clarity began getting clearer with each book, podcast, and journey entry I engaged with. I changed who I hung out with and spent time with. What happened was that I began to see myself differently. Through that focus, I begin to recognize my strengths and unique gifts. I got better ideas and thoughts about myself and future opportunities. I then executed those opportunities no matter how ridiculous it may have sounded at the time and to others. With each opportunity, I learned where my gift was weak and strengthened those areas. At each opportunity, I brought my A-game. It wasn’t long until I had the momentum and was a force. I didn’t need others to justify these things. Actually, I did the work undercover. I did the work to and for myself. It was through this excessive daily focus that my clarity became a little more clearer each month and year. It was a work in progress. Clarity didn’t come to me all at once; rather, it came through a process.

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