Sunday, May 19, 2024
Sunday, May 19, 2024

Personal Note to Each Team Member

Moore Motivations courtesy of Nate Moore, Local Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Podcaster.

Ash captured me writing a personal note to each team member with a monthly anniversary. I will say this was the largest stack to date! When I began this a few years ago, my team and I would discuss daily things that would help retain and attract great people during the post-COVID employment market. Although my schedule is extremely busy nowadays, fitting this in is important and always worth it. I am proud of the team we are building and the impact that we are making.

One of my daughters walked into the kitchen and was shocked to see that I was writing handwritten notes. Then she started reading them and noticed that I wrote a custom one for each team member. As a family, we recognize the value of every individual, no matter the circumstances. Everyone deserves a measure of respect.

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