Friday, April 19, 2024
Friday, April 19, 2024

Social Media Teaches Us to Show Off a Lifestyle that Isn’t the Whole Truth

by Nate Moore

Social media teaches us to show off a lifestyle that isn’t the whole truth. Posts are full of financial success, joy, peace, know-how, and opinions based on strains of truths.

The point that I’m attempting to make isn’t to bash social or how people use it. My point is that we read, listen and then compare these narratives to our lives. We allow what we see and hear to affect our everyday lives. We beat ourselves up for not having the same experiences. We question our direction. We question our purpose. We stop dreaming. We become very critical of ourselves. Social just plants the seeds but we water them.

If you desire clarity, then seek God. If you want success then develop some habits, disciplines and work extremely hard each moment of each day. If you want inspiration, then read about others that have done the things that you desire. If you want to feel fulfilled then be a person that fulfills others. If you want more confidence, then do the things that you internally tell yourself to do. If you want to overcome your fears then face the things that you’re afraid of the most. If you want to grow then no longer play victim and learn from life’s happenings and apply the things you’ve learned.

We are responsible for our happiness, joy, and peace. You got this!

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