Thursday, December 7, 2023
Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Spend Time with Believers

by Nate Moore

I had a conversation with my girls this morning. They brought up that some students at their school were speaking negatively about a situation involving their sister over something I decided to do for my daughter and her closest friends. It was normal high school stuff.

After I listened, I was able to share a lesson with them. What I love most about these types of conversations is that my girls trust me and feel comfortable talking through things like this with me.

Here’s the lesson: the fact is and will always be that some people will gossip, some will complain, some will be ugly, and some will be believers. The key is to surround yourself with the believers and the supporters. Never be ugly to the mockers, gossipers, and complainers because if you do, their problems become yours. The way they think will be the way you think. Not all situations need to be addressed, but most should be ignored.

I shared the parable of Jesus’ first sermon. He had three thousand showed up for his very first sermon. In that three thousand, the Bible talks about some were mockers, some were complainers, and some were believers. Jesus did not get mad at the mockers because that is what mockers do: they mock. He did not get mad at the complainers because that is what complainers do. Instead, he chose to focus his time and energy on the believers.

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Our job is to demonstrate love to the non-believers and spend our time with the believers.

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