Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Detective Jade Broussard


Last month, BY Local News (BYLN) introduced readers to Youngsville Detective Louvenia Landry. This month BYLN would like readers to meet Landry’s partner, Detective Jade Broussard.

Broussard and Landry investigate major felony crimes, which include burglaries. Although they do some investigations individually, Broussard said working together helps. Each detective thinks through a process differently with each thinking outside of the box, which brings balance to the detectives for their investigations.

Broussard has been with the Youngsville Police Department since 2017. She first was on patrol, then a school resource officer before becoming a detective one and a half years ago. To become a detective, she had to take a class to become certified. She has also attended a testifying class taught by a defense attorney.

Finding the information in putting the pieces together for an investigation to help bring justice for the victim is what Broussard enjoys about detective work. She admits she also likes the work schedule of being a detective.

Broussard grew up in Eunice, Louisiana, a city in St. Landry Parish. Her grandfather, Kermit Lejeune, started Lejeune’s Sausage Kitchen, a family-run smokehouse for over thirty-eight years.

Before becoming a law enforcement officer, Broussard went to school to become a paramedic. She discovered being a paramedic was not for her. One of her friends who was a police officer suggested she go into law enforcement work, so she figured, why not try it? Broussard worked for the Eunice Police Department from 2013 – 2017.

Once Broussard decided to make a change in her life, she made a move to Youngsville after receiving encouragement from a friend. It has been six years since she moved with her son. Her son will be entering the new school year as a sophomore.

Upon relocating to Youngsville, Broussard discovered the friendliness of the residents. Youngsville has roundabouts, something she had never seen or experienced before. She appreciates law enforcement being visible around the city.

The Youngsville Sports Complex became a big part of her son’s life, which also made it a big part of her life. She enjoys Youngsville being a community-oriented city and being part of the annual National Night Out Against Crime.

Although Broussard enjoys being in law enforcement, she said if she could start all over again, she would have become an archeologist.

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