Sunday, May 19, 2024
Sunday, May 19, 2024

From Youngsville to DC


After doing a community service project for his civics class at Martin & Castille Funeral Home when he was a sophomore at Comeaux High School, Markaylen Wiltz thought he would become a funeral director. After the service project was over, Wiltz job shadowed at the funeral home for the next three years. He said working there made him a stronger and loving person in that he cares about all people.

Two weeks before Wiltz was set to attend mortuary college, he met his then girlfriend on a coffee date. She persuaded him to attend Nicholls State University in Thibodaux where he studied political science.

While a senior at Nicholls State, Wiltz was the President of College Republicans, Vice President of the Student Government Association, and Drum Major of the Pride of Nicholls Marching Band. He also became a field director for now State Senator Michael Fesi, (R-Houma), who was campaigning for a  Louisiana State Senate seat.

After Fesi won the state senate seat, Wiltz became his legislative assistant where he was tasked to work with Fesi’s legislative agenda, strategize and help drive potential legislation. One of the policies Wiltz worked on was with Louisiana oil & gas producers to end coastal area lawsuits which claimed damage was done to coastal areas by oil and gas companies. This was through the 2020 Louisiana Senate Bill 34, which was unsuccessful and did not pass.

Wiltz later worked as a Legislative Correspondent for United States Senator William “Bill” Cassidy of Louisiana. It was in this position Wiltz assisted in meetings with affluential people such as the Ambassador of Costa Rica and their legislative delegation. These sorts of meetings were to build rapport and help lead economic success abroad which could solve immigration issues, crime and bring economic prosperity. 

Next for Wiltz was becoming an Advocacy Project Manager for Majority Strategies, a Washington based consulting firm, who he says is the number one GOP political strategic consulting and advertising firm in the United States. Majority Strategies represents a portfolio of political candidates and advocacy clients. Majority helps strategize and execute plans which enables their clients to win. The firm has represented six GOP Republican Presidential Candidates, four nominees and two winners. 

Mark Wiltz
Photo courtesy of Mark Wiltz

On January 3, 2023 Wiltz is starting new role in Public Policy and Advocacy as an Associate for the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys. This is a member based organization which represents attorneys who represent clients regarding elder law such elder abuse, disabilities, social security and such. The organization, located in Virginia, works to keep Congress, State Legislatures and its members mindful of elder and disability concerns as well as aging issues.

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Wiltz advises Medicare and social security are two things he is most passionate about. He adds, “Every job he has had has led him to where he is today”.

Wiltz, a resident of Youngsville, splits his time between Youngsville and Washington, D.C. 

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