Wednesday, November 29, 2023
Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Nate Moore, Local Entrepreneur


Local entrepreneur Nate Moore knows the rise and fall of the business world. He also knows how to rise again.

Moore owns a number of childcare businesses – Little Blessings Childcare & Preschool with ten locations, Guchereau Learning Academy, and Mini Me Learning Academy.

In as much as Moore enjoys helping the young folk, he equally enjoys working with the elderly and those with developmental disabilities. His companies A Blessing Personal Homecare Services in Lafayette, Home Care Assistance in New Iberia, and Adored Homecare in Lake Charles, serve the elderly and developmental disability population. These three businesses provide in-home care and services through the New Opportunities Waiver (NOW) for those with developmental disabilities that qualify for the state program.

Aside from being an entrepreneur, Moore does motivational speaking for Fortune 500 companies to elementary, high school, and college students.

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Moore likes to make an impact on what he does and what he accomplishes.

Born in Lafayette, Louisiana, he and his family moved to Carencro, where he graduated from high school. After one year of attending the University of Louisiana, Moore dropped out of college.

After dropping out of college, Moore became a car salesman for three years. The job taught him some important skills such as how to communicate, how to do product demonstrations, how to learn to be knowledgeable about the products, and how to negotiate.

After leaving his job as a car salesman, he bought and sold real estate. He also became the general manager of a Recreational vehicle (RV) dealership.

At the age of twenty-two, Moore purchased his first business, a daycare business. Not knowing this business, he quickly realized he didn’t know what he walked into. Although he didn’t know the business initially, he soon fell in love with providing children with care and social and emotional support.

After one year, he quit his job at the RV dealership to focus on his daycare center. He took the hands-on approach and became the cook and teacher.

He merged his daycare center with a larger location. Unfortunately, due to issues with licensing, Moore lost it all.

Not deterred by the setback, the daycare center was restarted six months later at the same location in Carencro named Little Blessings. The daycare center grew, and Moore was offered to purchase a second location in Scott. Both centers grew.

Moore wanted to customize his daycare, so he took much inspiration from other daycare centers he visited. He carefully gathered ideas from each center and used them to create his own unique daycare center.

In his daycare business, he learned foster children generally go through three to four daycares before getting to one that fits their needs. In Moore’s daycare, the teachers are trained in behavior modification to handle the various challenges and behaviors that often come with children who are or have been in foster care.

Eight years ago, Moore entered the healthcare industry serving the elderly and developmental disability population. He started with twenty clients and now has two-hundred clients. Wanting to know more about his clients, he visits and spends time with them in their homes.

Moore focuses on growing his businesses while providing others with opportunities that may not have been typically offered to them.

Five hundred people are employed across his multiple businesses. He manages and oversees fifteen companies.

Believing in giving back to his community, Moore and his businesses support RescYou, Foster the Love, Maddie’s Footprints, Gifting Grace Project, and CASA of Louisiana.

Moore loves to run and exercise. His daily run consists of reading, journaling, running, working out at the gym, and walking home. Overall, Moore enjoys staying active and finding ways to challenge himself physically and mentally. He believes that physical activity is an important part of staying healthy, both physically and mentally.

Moore’s hobbies include golf, reading, pickleball, trying new food, and traveling to the beach and mountains.

Moore is married with four daughters and resides in Broussard.

To learn more, visit Moore’s website.

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