Thursday, December 7, 2023
Thursday, December 7, 2023
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2023 Calendar of Events for Lafayette Parish

View events planned for 2023, the year of Lafayette Parish’s bicentennial.


26-31 – Cinema on the Bayou Bicentennial Celebration (Various Locations)
Bicentennial Anniversary Declaration (Lafayette City Hall)


1-2 – Cinema on the Bayou Bicentennial Celebration (Various Locations)
17 – Lafayette Bicentennial Friday Night Parade (Downtown Lafayette to Cajun Field)
21 – Ossun Mardi Gras Bicentennial Courir (Ossun)


17-18 – Celtic Bayou Festival Bicentennial Celebration of Irish Culture (Hideaway on Lee)
4, 11 & 25 – Azalea Trail – Trolley Tour of Lafayette Parish’s Historic Garden Districts (Various Locations)
Downtown Alive! Bicentennial Celebration Featuring Wayne Toups (Downtown Lafayette)


7-9 – Lao New Year Bicentennial Celebration of Lafayette Parish’s Southeast Asian Culture
12-16 – Cycle Zydeco – Lafayette Parish’s Cajun & Creole Cycling Festival (Various Locations)
26-30 – Festival International de Louisiane Bicentennial Celebration (Downtown Lafayette)

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From Many, One: The Story of the Diverse Communities that Shaped Lafayette Parish (Lafayette Parish Downtown Library)


10 – Pride Acadiana Bicentennial Celebration (Downtown Lafayette)
11 – Creole Culture Day Bicentennial Celebration of Creole Culture (Vermilionville)
Musical History of Lafayette Parish and Beyond Hosted by Herman Fuselier (Acadiana Center for the Arts)


Instrument Makers of Lafayette Parish Hosted by Barry Ancelet


13 – Acadian Culture Day Bicentennial Celebration of Acadian Culture (Vermilionville)
Lafayette Bicentennial Memories Exhibit (Lafayette Parish Main Library)


Downtown Alive! Bicentennial Celebration featuring the premiere of Roots of Fire Documentary (Downtown Lafayette)


7 – Latin Music Festival Bicentennial Celebration of Lafayette Parish’s Latin Culture (Parc International)
13-15 – Festivals Acadiens et Creoles Bicentennial Celebration (Girard Park)


9-12 – Southern Screen Festival Bicentennial Celebration (Various Locations)
11 – Native American Day Bicentennial Celebration Lafayette Parish’s Native American Culture (Vermilionville)
27-28 – Localpalooza Bicentennial Celebration (Downtown Lafayette)


2-23 – Christmas Through the Centuries (Acadian Village)
Christmas Tree Bicentennial Decoration Competition (Downtown Lafayette)

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