Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Aquatic Wheelchairs Now at the Splash Park


This morning members of the Youngsville Lions Club gathered at the Splash Park located within the Youngsville Sports Complex at 801 Savoy Road in Youngsville, Louisiana.

The purpose of the gathering was for the club to donate two aquatic wheelchairs for the Splash Park. The aquatic wheelchairs will allow children using wheelchairs to enjoy the splash fun along with other children.

Aquatic Wheelchairs
Photo by Karen Lagrange Cox

Members of the Lions Club attending the donation event were Nick and Jan Latiolais, Shannon and David Bares, Matt Romero, John Broussard, and Lois Melancon. Tim Robichaux, Director of the Youngsville Sports Complex, and Nick Lucas, Assistant for the Field Grounds of the Sports Complex also were in attendance.

Youngsville Lions Club donates aquatic wheelchairs
Photo by Karen Lagrange Cox

Nick Latiolais is the current president of the Youngsville Lions Club, his wife Jan Latiolais is the past president, and Shannon Bares is the secretary and treasurer for the club.

Contact the Youngsville Sports Complex at (337) 857-6804 for days and times of the availability of the aquatic wheelchairs.

A Look Inside the Splash Park

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