Wednesday, November 29, 2023
Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Broussard Fire Hydrant Guidelines

When responding to large-scale incidents, firefighters often face the challenge of finding a suitable water source that provides adequate water for the type of fire they are fighting. Fire hydrants are the primary source of water supply for fire suppression operations within the City of Broussard. Fire hydrants are commonly color-coded to indicate how much water a particular hydrant will provide.

The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) recommends that fire departments follow a set standard of color coding known as NFPA 291. The color of the tops will indicate the gallon per minute (GPM) available. This allows for quick decision-making when deciding which hydrant to utilize or if the fire hydrants in the area will provide adequate supply based on the mitigation needs of the incident.

If the tops are painted:

  • RED – below 500 GPM
  • ORANGE – 501 – 999 GPM
  • GREEN – 1000 – 1499 GPM
  • BLUE – 1500 GPM or greater

All hydrants within the City of Broussard are getting a facelift. Every fire hydrant within the city is being painted and color-coded according to the above guidelines. You may also notice the reflective rings on the fire hydrants’ front and sides. The white reflective ring on the front of the hydrant signifies that the hydrant is owned and operated by the City of Broussard. The blue reflective rings on each side help our firefighters locate the hydrants during nighttime.

If you have a fire hydrant in your yard, please be sure to keep the grass trimmed and refrain from planting bushes or plants around the fire hydrant. These obstructions can potentially delay establishing a water supply during an emergency.

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The following details are provided by the Broussard Fire Department.

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