Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Broussard Police Officers Receive Lifesaving Awards


Four Broussard city police officers were presented each with a lifesaving award at last night’s Broussard City Council meeting. The four officers were Sergeant Bryan Fontenot, Corporal Dominique Picard, Corporal Jordan Lanclos, and Corporal Chris Rudd.

Retiring school crossing guard Raymond Landry received an award for his dedication to the school.

Broussard Police Chief Vance Olivier made the following statement regarding the reason the four officers received the lifesaving awards.

“On the evening of Maya 16, 2022, Sergeant Byran Fontenot, along with Officers Dominuque Picard, Jordan Lancloses, and Chris Rudd were dispatched to the 400 block of East Third Street, in regards to checking on the wellbeing of two children ages of ten months old and two years of age, whose were in the custody of their grandmother.

Upon the arrival of the officers, they began trying to contact the grandmothers with no success. Upon further investigation, it was determined that further action should be taken in order to locate the children in concern for their health. Officers eventually were able to contact the landlord who arrived shortly thereafter.

Upon meeting the landlord, it was decided that entry was needed, upon making entry the officers immediately located two-year-old (name of child is withheld) in a nearby room. When officers made contact with the child, they recognized the child needed immediate medical attention. Officers extracted the child from the residence, who was subsequently transported to the hospital in critical condition. It was later learned through medical personnel that the child’s condition was grave. The child’s condition was eventually upgraded to stable.

Unfortunately, the ten-month-old was found deceased and the suspect was taken into custody and charged accordingly.

For the actions taken by these officers, I am presenting them with the lifesaving award. These officers should be commended for their loyalty and dedication, and the City of Broussard should be proud to know that these officers serve our community.”

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