Saturday, February 24, 2024
Saturday, February 24, 2024

Broussard Water Issues

The following was posted to the City of Broussard’s Facebook page on September 20, 2022:

“Some residents may notice a discoloration of their tap water. Rest assured the water is safe to consume, and the discoloration you see is a result of naturally occurring minerals, like iron and manganese. This is occurring due to a disruption in the water distribution system caused when a vehicle crashed into a fire hydrant. The discoloration will dissipate, and the quality of the water is not affected – meaning that it is perfectly safe to drink.

Please rest assured that our public workers are working into the night after this major disruption. If you are still experiencing discolored water, please report it on the City’s website so you can help us to identify areas that still need attention.”

Some Broussard residents commented on the post they often have brown or dirty looking water and state it is unsuitable for drinking, bathing and washing clothes.

If you have issues with your water, the issue can be reported through the link on the button below.

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