Saturday, May 18, 2024
Saturday, May 18, 2024

Broussard’s Water Supply


In a meeting earlier this year with Mel Bertrand, the City of Broussard’s Public Works Director, Bertrand advised BY Local News of the information below regarding Broussard’s water supply.

Where Does the Broussard Water Supply Come From?

Water for homes and businesses in Broussard on the east side of Highway 90 is typically served by the Garber well (close to Shenandoah Drive). Water for homes and businesses in Broussard on the west side of Highway 90 is typically served by Lafayette Utility System (LUS) on Commission Road in Lafayette.

At the February 14, 2023 Broussard City Council meeting, Ordinance #23-756 amending the 2022/223 Operating Budget of Revenues and Expenditures for $575,000 was approved by the City Council for the Ambassador Caffrey Water Line Connector. Once the connector is installed, the connector will connect LUS South, 810 West Broussard Road in Lafayette, to Broussard’s water supply. LUS South will typically serve homes and businesses in Broussard on the west side of Highway 90.

Water Wells

One Water Well on Garber Road

  • This water well has been operational for about five years.
  • There is no plant at the Garber Road water well; water is treated with chemicals.

Two Water Wells within Downtown Broussard

  • These plants are obsolete, but the wells are operational.
  • These wells are only used in cases of emergency.

Test Water Wells

  • One test water well is by Le Triomphe Golf and Country Club.
  • One test water well is off Albertsons Parkway.

Water Storage

Water Towers

There are two water towers in the City of Broussard.

  • One water tower is in downtown Broussard between Main Street and the railroad tracks by the Broussard Fire Department.
  • One water tower is off Highway 90 on Bercegeay Road near SafeSource Direct

Ground Water Storage Tanks

  • There is a groundwater storage tank by the water tower in downtown Broussard.

Water Tanks

  • There is a water tank by Broussard City Hall at the corner of South Polk and Madison Streets.
  • There is a booster tank by Fachbacher Field off La Neuville Road. This booster tank supplies Broussard and Youngsville and is owned by LUS.

How to Report a Water Issue

If experiencing broken water lines, leaks in water lines, water pressure, discolored water or any water quality issue in Broussard, it is important to report the issue to Broussard’s Public Works Department.

To report a water issue, contact Mel Bertrand, City of Broussard Public Works Director at (337) 319-6237 or submit a water quality issue at

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