Friday, April 19, 2024
Friday, April 19, 2024

Changes for Broussard’s Sister City


Broussard’s sister city, The Village of Cap-Pelé in New Brunswick, Canada (population prior to merger is 2,425) will be merged along with the Rural Community of Beaubassin-East to become the Regional Town of Cap-Acadie (population after merger would be approximately 9,200).

The merger is part of New Brunswick’s local governance reform which will be effective in January 1, 2023. The merger of the two communities into Cap-Acadie will be beneficial in that it will ensure that projects are realized on a regional level and will allow better management of taxpayer dollars.

In their November 28, 2022 election, Serge Leger who is mayor of Cap-Pelé was elected to be mayor of Cap-Acadie. Leger was in Broussard in October 2022 to celebrate Grand Réveil Acadien.

Councillors of Cap-Pelé who were also in Broussard in October were Yvonne Leblanc, Eric Leblanc and Louis Leger (shown in feature photo when they were in Broussard last month). These three councillors were also elected on November 28 as councillors for Cap-Acadie. Other Councillor winners for Cap-Acadie are Marc-André Vienneau, Josée Vautour, Susan Cormier, Wendy Bourque, Rachel Boudreau and Eric Leblanc.

Mayor Leger has provided this information, “I am very happy that the citizens of Cap-Acadie have selected me to be their Mayor. I truly believe that we are stronger when we are united. Despite the merger of Cap-Pelé with Beaubassin-est, I have reassured Mayor Bourque from our sister city of Broussard, LA that we remain committed to honouring the existing twinning agreements between our two great municipalities.”

Serge Leger
Mayor Serge Leger – Photo courtesy of Serge Leger

Mayor Leger made the following post on his Facebook page, “Thank you very much to all the citizens of Cap-Acadie for the immense support! I intend to be the mayor of ALL of Cap Acadia. The work continues as of tomorrow!”

Cap-Acadie is located in the southeastern part of New Brunswick. This new municipality includes the following communities: Boudreau-Ouest, Cap-Pelé, Cormier-Village, Haute-Aboujagane, Grand-Barachois, Petit-Cap, Portage, Saint-André-LeBlanc, Shemogue and Trois-Ruisseaux.

Broussard and Cap-Pelé became twin cities on November 13, 1984 through a proclamation made by the two cities to become twin cities. The objective of twining was to promote connections with each other that relates to culture, education, sport, tourism trade and industry.

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