Wednesday, November 29, 2023
Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Chevron Donates Land to LCG


Donation enhances Heymann, Beaver, and Lil’ Woods Parks Master Plan

Lafayette, LA – Today, Chevron’s Gulf of Mexico Business Unit (GOMBU), headquartered in Covington, La., donated a nearly six-acre tract of land to Lafayette Consolidated Government (LCG), which will enhance recreational opportunities, increase public access to the Vermilion River, and tie into the Heymann, Beaver, and Lil’ Woods Parks Master Plan. The parcel of land sits near Heymann Park and includes preliminary plans to incorporate walking trails. “Chevron’s generous donation will benefit generations to come and will be a lasting symbol of collaboration between government and the private sector,” Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory said.

“Anytime we have the opportunity to put a property forth for the betterment of the local community, we try to take advantage of that,” said Chevron Land Representative and Lafayette native Danielle Brocato, who was instrumental in getting the land donated. “The property is unlike a lot of land in the area. There are gently rolling hills, beautiful creeks scattered throughout, and gorgeous, old oak trees.”

The future of Heymann, Beaver, and Lil’ Woods Parks were the focus of community meetings in 2022, where residents placed a high value on walking and running trails and access to the Vermilion River. “The Chevron land donation is an important component of the overall Master Plan,” PARC Director Hollis Conway said. “Connecting all three parks is beneficial to our community, and Chevron’s in-kind donation allows us to offer even more amenities to our community.”

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While a global company, Chevron is ultimately anchored in the communities it serves. “We’re hoping this piece of land that connects the two parks makes it an attractive place for people and families to visit,” Brocato said.

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