Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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City of Broussard Swearing-In Ceremony


Lafayette Parish Clerk of Court Louis Perret officiated the swearing-in ceremony for the City of Broussard officials on the evening of January 3, 2023 at the Council Chambers on Main Street in Broussard. This is for the 2023-2027 term.

Ray Bourque was sworn in for this second term as Mayor of Broussard along with Jeff Delahoussaye (Alderman-at-Large), Angel Racca (District 1), David Bonin (District 2), Jesse Regan (District 3) and first term council members Heather Girouard (District 4), David Forbes (District 5) and Kody Allen (District 6).

Special guests were Lafayette Parish President Josh Guillory, Lafayette Parish Councilman Josh Carlson, State Representative of District 49 Blake Miguez were on hand for the ceremony.

Photos by Larry Cox

Mayor Ray Bourque

Alderman-at-Large Jeff Delahoussaye

City Council Member District 1 Angel Racca

City Council Member District 2 David Bonin

City Council Member District 3 Jesse Regan

City Council Member District 4 Heather Girouard

City Council Member District 5 David Forbes

City Council Member District 6 Kody Allen

Photo Gallery

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