Friday, April 19, 2024
Friday, April 19, 2024

Company Donates Services to Treat Duckweed


LAFAYETTE, LA – An Arnaudville company today began treating an accumulation of duckweed that has taken over the Girard Park pond. An excessive amount of nutrients in the water has resulted in an overabundance of the plant.

Pristine Pond Solutions Fisheries Biologist Garrett Stamportis is leading the cleanup that includes using a safe aquatic herbicide to treat the duckweed problem, followed by a natural phosphorus binding product to reduce nutrient levels.

The Parks, Arts, Recreation, and Culture Department (PARC) would like to thank Pristine Pond Solutions owners Dustin and Brittany Brown for providing the service free of charge. The owners “believe it’s important to give back to the community and encourage the younger generation to fish in Girard Park.”

PARC Programs & Maintenance Manager Ross Gresham and Stamportis are asking the public to avoid feeding ducks at Girard Park. It’s not only unhealthy for the birds, but it also adds to the severe nutrient overload in the pond.

PARC has worked with Pristine Pond Solutions in the last few months and local company Weed-Out LLC, which removed vegetation and silt from the pond.

The long-term solution to prevent nutrients from overloading the pond is to install an aerator system, estimated to be installed sometime in 2024.

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