Sunday, May 19, 2024
Sunday, May 19, 2024

Former Comeaux High School Teacher in Battle for His Life: Community Rallies Behind Marvin Broussard

by MARK WILTZ, Contributing Writer

Lafayette, Louisiana – In a heart-wrenching plea, the family of Marvin Broussard, a beloved former teacher at Comeaux High School, calls upon their community to rally behind him as he fights for his life. For the past decade, Broussard has been battling heart attacks and excessive fluid in his lungs, enduring immense physical and emotional challenges. However, his unyielding spirit and faith have kept him going, with his family firmly believing in God’s favor and guidance.

Broussard’s condition reached a critical point three years ago, and his loved ones feared they would lose him. Miraculously, he managed to pull through, giving them renewed hope. Determined to explore all possible avenues for treatment, Broussard and his family embarked on a journey to New Orleans to seek a heart transplant. Unfortunately, their initial attempts were met with disappointment as their application was denied.

Undeterred, they clung to their faith, firmly believing that divine intervention would steer them in the right direction. Their prayers were answered when they were referred to the renowned Houston Methodist medical center. Recognized for its exceptional team of medical professionals, Houston Methodist presented a beacon of hope for Broussard and his family.

With renewed optimism, Broussard and his family began the rigorous evaluation process required to become eligible for a heart transplant. The medical team’s plan involves installing a left ventricular assist device (LVAD) as a bridge to the eventual heart transplant. While the road ahead is undoubtedly challenging, the family remains grateful for the support and guidance they have received from Houston Methodist.

However, the journey to recovery comes at a significant cost. Broussard’s family is faced with the financial burden of traveling back and forth between Comeaux and Houston, in addition to the expenses they will incur during their month-long stay in Houston after the surgery. Understanding the magnitude of this undertaking, they are reaching out to their community, seeking assistance in any form possible.

Broussard’s family humbly asks for prayers and encourages community members to seek guidance from their faith, considering how they can contribute to this critical journey. Whether it is through monetary donations or simply sending positive thoughts and well wishes, every form of support is deeply appreciated.

As the surgery date approaches, the family promises to update everyone on Broussard’s progress. Their unwavering love and gratitude for the community’s support shine through their heartfelt plea. Even if financial contributions are not possible, they understand and value the power of prayer in sustaining them during this challenging time.

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Lafayette stands united, ready to rally behind Broussard and his family. Their collective efforts and prayers testify to the strength and compassion of a tight-knit village. Together, they hope to provide Broussard with the support and resources he needs to overcome this arduous battle and embark on a journey toward renewed health and vitality.

For those wishing to contribute to Broussard’s cause, a GoFundMe account has been set up for him by Angela Poullard.

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