Saturday, May 18, 2024
Saturday, May 18, 2024

Kody Allen to Run for Broussard City Council District 6


Kody Allen to Run for Broussard City Council District 6

Allen will bring a fresh perspective and a community-first commitment to the council

BROUSSARD, LA – August 18, 2022 – In an effort to give back to his community, Kody Allen has announced his candidacy for Broussard City Council District 6. If elected, Allen would be the council’s youngest member and bring a fresh perspective to local government.

Allen and his fiancée plan to raise their family in the city. The couple plans to marry in October 2022. Allen knows that as a city councilor, he can help improve the general upkeep of the city as well as work together with the council and the citizens of Broussard to attract new residents and businesses.

“Broussard is my home. I want to see it thrive and grow,” said Allen. “I’m running because I believe I can make a difference and help move our community forward.”

In addition to his commitment to public service, Allen also brings with him strong leadership experience. He began working straight out of high school and has worked his way up the ranks to manage the yard. Allen has a strong work ethic and is tenacious in achieving his goals. He looks forward to using this knowledge and experience to help support small businesses in Broussard.

If elected, one of Kody’s top priorities will be supporting small businesses in Broussard through sensible regulation and effective communication between city hall and business owners. He also plans to promote economic development initiatives that will create jobs and attract new businesses to the area while preserving its unique character. 

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“I’m excited about this campaign,” said Allen. “I know that if we work together, we can make our community even better than it is today.”

For more information, visit and vote for a fresh perspective this November.

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