Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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LCG Launches Geaux Lafayette


Online tool keeping citizens up-to-date on infrastructure projects

Lafayette, LA – Lafayette Consolidated Government has launched Geaux Lafayette, an infrastructure development website designed to provide residents of Lafayette with information about ongoing and upcoming infrastructure development projects across Lafayette Parish.

Geaux Lafayette is an initiative of Mayor-President Josh Guillory to increase transparency and public engagement in infrastructure development projects. It serves as a platform for citizens to access information on projects that affect their neighborhoods and communities. “We are excited to launch Geaux Lafayette and provide a valuable resource to our residents,” said Mayor-President Guillory. “This website will help keep our citizens informed and engaged in the development of our city’s infrastructure, which is critical to our growth and economic development.”

The website provides up-to-date, accurate, and reliable information on road projects such as overlays, extensions, reconstruction, widening, streetscapes, and intersection improvements. Currently, 27 road projects spanning Lafayette Parish are featured with 11 beginning this year, 13 in 2024, and three in 2025.

In Phase 2, residents will have more options on Geaux Lafayette where they will be able to dive into additional details of each project – view the concept report, see what a road will look like, project costs, and estimated construction start and end date.

Along with finding information on www.GeauxLafayette.com, citizens can tune into the monthly Geaux Lafayette Podcast featuring the Mayor-President, departmental directors, and other leaders throughout Lafayette Parish. Residents can also check out the Geaux Lafayette Facebook page for the latest information.

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