Thursday, December 7, 2023
Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Mazie’s Mission & Water Safety Month


Youngsville Mayor Ken Ritter proclaimed at tonight’s city council meeting recognizing May as Water Safety Month in the City of Youngsville. (View the proclamation)

Along with the Water Safety Month Proclamation, Mazie’s Mission was recognized at the council meeting for its work on bringing awareness to the community on water safety. The organization was started after Adam and Heather Broussard lost their eighteen-month daughter, Mazie, to a drowning accident.

The Youngsville Sports Complex is helping Mazie’s Mission bring awareness to the community by way of installing signs around the complex about water safety.

The goal of Mazie’s Mission “is to provide awareness by educating the community on water safety, to collaborate with local partners to prevent infant and child drowning and ensure all children have access to swim lessons. Drowning is silent but we will not be.”

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To learn more about Mazie’s Mission, visit its web site at

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