Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Meet Heather Girouard


In the recent November 8th election, the Broussard City Council Seat for District 4 was won by Heather Girouard.

When Girouard was asked what prompted her to run for City Council, her response included that she saw things that need to be done in her district that have not been yet addressed. She wants to work towards taking care of those needs within her district.

Girouard will be sworn in for District 4 in January 2023. Her goals during her term are to become relevant and be accessible to everyone within District 4. If issues outside of her district are either seen by her or brought to her attention, she will bring those issues to the appropriate council member.

Her focus during her term as City Council Member are water quality, proper drainage and having guard rails placed along some streets.

“Every small action that I do adds up to a bigger purpose” said Girouard, which comes from her upbringing.

Girouard works as a director in the food and beverage industry, an industry she has worked in since she was sixteen. She is a lifelong resident of Broussard.

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