Thursday, December 7, 2023
Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Meet Simone Champagne


Simone Champagne was recently elected to Division E of the Youngsville City Council. Her term will start in January 2023.

Champagne is no stranger to public service. She was Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) in Iberia Parish for four years and served as a Representative for District 49 in the Louisiana House of Representatives from 2008-2014. Under Youngsville Mayor Ken Ritter, Champagne was CAO from 2015-2020.

When Jamey Abshire left the Youngsville City Council, Champagne served as interim council member to replace Abshire until a special election was held in which Kayla Menard Reaux then took over the council seat.

In the private sector, Champagne worked in the banking industry for twenty-six years. Starting as a bank teller, then was in customer relations and later became Vice-President of Operations.

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As a City Council Member, Champagne finds it gratifying to be joining the team of leaders that consists of the mayor and city council members. When asked what she hopes to accomplish as a City Council member, she wants to make sure residents’ and tax payers’ dollars are spent where these dollars should be spent.

She will work to ensure fiscal responsibility for growth to not outpace infrastructure in Youngsville. “Economy is dependent on infrastructure” said Champagne.

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