Wednesday, November 29, 2023
Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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National Night Out, Disposition of Units, New Sections Added for Offenses Against Public Safety and Health

During the Broussard City Council meeting held on Tuesday, August 8, 2023, Broussard Police Chief Vance Olivier proclaimed Tuesday, October 3, 2023, as National Night Out for 2023. National Night Out will be held at St. Julien Park in Broussard, Louisiana.

2023 National Night Out - Broussard
Image provided by the City of Broussard

Other Matters During the Council Meeting

The City Council Minutes from July 25, 2023, were approved by the council.

The Following Resolutions were Approved

Ordinance #751-23: a resolution accepting the lowest responsive bid of four million one hundred ninety-nine thousand thirty-two dollars and no cents from Glenn Lege Construction LLC for reconstruction of South Bernard Road from Louisiana Highway 182 to US Highway 90.

Three bids were received for the reconstruction project:

  • Glenn Lege Construction, LLC $4,199,032.00
  • Elliott Construction, LLC $4,342,986.00
  • Siema Constructin, LLC $4,441,320.65

Ordinance #752-23: a resolution accepting that certain act of dedication of streets and/or servitudes by St. Etienne Development, LLC for Ambasssor Commons Phase 1.

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Ordinance #753-23: a resolution authorizing certain police units as surplus and authorizing disposition of the units.

The following units were declared to be salvage:

  • B-6 2016 Ford Explorer with mileage of 80,745
  • B-8 2016 Ford Explorer with mileage of 65,249
  • B-23 2017 Ford Explorer with mileage of 57,819

The Following Ordinance for Introduction was Approved

Ordinance #23-778: an ordinance amending the Code of Ordinances to add Sections 42-50 to 42-53 relating to the probation of certain public conduct.

The new sections 42-50 to 42-53 (exhibit A below) is to supplement the current provision of the Brousssard Code of Ordinances to address certain prohibited acts.

The meeting was held at 310 East Main Street in Broussard, Louisiana.

Broussard City Council meetings are live-streamed with the archives found at

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