Friday, April 19, 2024
Friday, April 19, 2024

Preliminary Plat Public Hearing – November 10, 2022


A Preliminary Plat Public Hearing was held just prior to the Regular Youngsville City Council meeting on Thursday, November 10, 2022.

On the agenda for the public hearing:

  • Request for Preliminary Plat approval of Sugar Mill Pond, Phase 25, located in Section 6, T11S, R5E
  • Request for Preliminary Plat approval of The Palms Crossing, located in Section 6, T11S, R5E

No public comments were made on the Sugar Mill Pond plat approval.

Public comments were made by concerned residents regarding the proposed development of The Palms Crossing. This plat is on Fortune Road and the Youngsville Highway. The Palms Crossing would be for a one hundred sixteen low density townhouse development on the plat.

Comments made by residents of Sabal Palms, The Meadow Bend Lakes along with residents across the road on Fortune Road and a resident from Church Street included concerns for flooding and traffic.

Residents’ concerns are of flooding coming over Fortune Road into their neighborhood. Residents from Meadow Bend Lakes are concerned about flooding coming into their sub-division. The resident on Church Street is concerned with flooding coming from The Palms Crossing area unto her property.

Along with the flooding concerns were for additional traffic coming out of the proposed The Palms Crossing development onto Fortune road. Some of traffic concerns are due to The Palms Crossing is currently only showing one entrance onto Fortune Road.

After the comments were heard from the public, Youngsville Mayor Ken Ritter addressed those in attendance advising of the city’s plans to address flooding issues. Ritter pointed out on a map the areas they are working on to address flooding. He also explained that the request is for moving forward to study the impact of the development on the surrounding community. He said not a shovel of dirt could be turned until the plans are approved. He said the city now requires the developer to have a CMAR (Construction Manager at Risk). He explained the requirements would be that the development would retain all of the water in retention ponds to prevent the flood of the property and also not contribute to the flooding of surrounding properties.

The request for both Preliminary Plats approvals were approved by the City Council. The one for The Palms Crossing was approved with conditions. Conditions include 1) the retention pond will be required to handle a one-hundred year flood, 2) another entrance would go out through the commercial space to the Youngsville Highway and 3) a fence would be required between the commercial space and residential area.

Documents for The Palms Crossing:

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