Saturday, May 18, 2024
Saturday, May 18, 2024

Release from Kayla Reaux

The following is a Press Release from Youngsville Council Member Kayla Reaux, who is a subject of a recent story regarding a vehicle accident she was involved in on November 12, 2022 in Sugar Mill Pond in Youngsville. The story was published by The Advocate on March 26, 2023.


Youngsville, March 27, 2023- Councilwoman Kayla Reaux issued the following statement regarding the automobile accident that she was involved in this past November:

On a November evening in 2022, I was involved in an automobile accident which occurred from distracted driving in Youngsville, where I hit a parked vehicle and sustained a concussion, causing memory loss and uncharacteristic behavior.

I understand that driving while being tired and distracted can be dangerous, and I encourage everyone to adhere to safe driving practices. I want to apologize for any uncharacteristic behavior exhibited during the accident. I want to assure the community that this is not indicative of my usual conduct and was a result of the head trauma that I sustained.

I have been cooperative with the authorities and insurance companies to resolve the matter professionally and quickly. The accident claim remains open, and I am hopeful for a swift resolution.

Coming from a family of policemen and women, I hold a great deal of respect for law enforcement. Due to the head trauma I suffered, I may have said things that were not reflective of my usual behavior. I regret any negative interaction and hope to make amends with the police department.

I want to draw attention to the seriousness of concussions, which are a common injury in automobile accidents. I continue to suffer from damage left by the concussion and experience symptoms such as vertigo, sleep loss, and headaches. I want to stress that individuals who experience similar symptoms after an accident should seek medical attention.

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As an elected official, I would never ask for special treatment because I am not above the law. I understand the importance of accountability and transparency in all aspects of public service. I will continue to cooperate fully with the authorities and accept any consequences that may arise from my actions.

I would like to apologize to those affected by the accident and assure the community that I am taking all necessary steps to address the situation. I remain committed to serving the people of Youngsville with honesty, integrity, and dedication. I am truly sorry.”

Councilwoman Kayla Reaux wants to emphasize the importance of prioritizing safety while driving and seeking medical attention if anyone experiences any symptoms after an accident.

For media inquiries, please contact Team Reaux at: Councilwoman Kayla Menard Reaux, Youngsville City Council

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