Sunday, July 21, 2024
Sunday, July 21, 2024

Retail Ready Sites: Fueling Economic Growth in Broussard


Introduction: In a previous article, BY Local News highlighted the role and initiatives of the Broussard Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) in fostering economic growth in the region. Building upon that foundation, this article delves into an essential aspect of the BEDC’s strategy: Retail Ready Sites. These sites serve as catalysts for attracting new businesses, creating jobs, and enhancing the economic vitality of Broussard. Let’s explore how the BEDC’s efforts in developing Retail Ready Sites fuel the city’s economic growth.

An article on the accomplishments of BEDC was published on June 16, 2023.

The Concept of Retail Ready Sites

Retail Ready Sites refer to strategically planned areas within Broussard that are primed for commercial development. These sites undergo comprehensive pre-development work to ensure they possess the necessary infrastructure, zoning, and amenities to attract retailers and other businesses. Streamlining the development process makes these sites highly desirable for prospective investors, resulting in increased business activity and job opportunities.

Advantages of Retail Ready Sites

  1. Infrastructure Readiness: Retail Ready Sites have the necessary infrastructure, including utilities, transportation access, and road networks. This minimizes the time and cost required for businesses to set up operations, making them more inclined to choose Broussard as their location.
  2. Zoning and Permits: The BEDC collaborates with local government entities to establish appropriate zoning regulations and secure the required permits for Retail Ready Sites. This ensures that businesses can navigate the regulatory landscape smoothly and expedite their establishment processes.
  3. Market Research and Analysis: The BEDC conducts market research to identify key retail sectors that would thrive in Broussard. By aligning the Retail Ready Sites with market demand, the BEDC maximizes the potential for business success and encourages a vibrant retail ecosystem in the city.
  4. Attracting Investors: Retail Ready Sites’ availability is a magnet for Broussard investors looking to establish their businesses. These sites offer a strategic advantage, providing investors with a streamlined path to entry and reducing uncertainties associated with starting a new venture.

Benefits for Broussard

  1. Job Creation: The development of Retail Ready Sites attracts businesses to Broussard, leading to job creation and decreased unemployment rates. This infusion of new employment opportunities enhances the local economy and improves residents’ living standards.
  2. Increased Tax Revenue: As businesses thrive in Broussard’s Retail Ready Sites, they generate tax revenue for the city. This additional income can be reinvested in community development projects, infrastructure improvements, and public services, benefiting the entire community.
  3. Economic Diversity: Retail Ready Sites contribute to the diversification of Broussard’s economy. By attracting businesses from various sectors, the city becomes less reliant on a single industry, reducing vulnerability to economic fluctuations and fostering long-term stability.


The Broussard Economic Development Corporation’s focus on developing Retail Ready Sites is a testament to its commitment to driving economic growth and prosperity in the region. By streamlining the development process and providing a conducive environment for businesses, Broussard is well-positioned to attract investments, create jobs, and cultivate a vibrant retail sector. Through these collective efforts, the city is poised to flourish and become an even more attractive destination for businesses and residents alike.

Retail Ready Site Locations

Ambassador Caffery Corridor

Country View on Ambassador Caffery Site (pdf)

Country View Phase 2 Site (pdf)

Morgan Broadview (pdf)

Michel – Duhon Site (pdf)

Albertson Parkway Corridor

89 Albertsons (pdf)

Highway 90 Corridor

Ambassador Commons Site (pdf)

Luciles Commerce Plaza (pdf)

St. Julien Park Area

St. Julien Park Frontage Sites (pdf)

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