Wednesday, November 29, 2023
Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Ribbon Cutting Held Today for Youngsville Ponds


Today marks seven years since the 2016 flood in Youngsville, Louisiana.

This morning, a ribbon cutting was held at Bayou Parc Perdu for the Bailey Grove Regional Detention Pond Project at Bayou Parc Perdu and LaSalle Coulee Drainage Project.

These two projects include seven detention and retention ponds built in Youngsville. The purpose of these ponds is for flood mitigation. These ponds are substantially complete, fully functioning and will help prevent flooding in Youngsville now and in the future.

Ribbon Cutting

During the ribbon cutting, Youngsville Mayor Ken Ritter praised Pam Granger and her team at McBade Engineers And Consultants for their work to get the projects started and to the point where the projects are now.

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Ritter also praised the different levels of government and contractors who all worked together for the good of the draining projects.

Those attending the ribbon cutting included United States Congress Member Clay Higgins, Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory, Toye Taylor with Louisiana Governor John-Bel Edwards’ office, representatives of United States Senators John Kenney and Bill Cassidy, members of the Youngsville City Council, and city staff.

Money Saver by Reusing Dirt

Dirt excavated for the detention ponds has been brought to the Youngsville Highway at Fortune Road for the upcoming roundabout, placed near the Youngsville Highway for the forthcoming expansion of the highway, and for the amphitheater, which is part of the expansion of the Youngsville Sports Complex.

One Hundred Percent Federally Funded

The Bailey Grove Detention Pond and LaSalle Coulee Retention Pond projects are being 100% funded by the federal government under the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) under the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Youngsville received the funding due to the Flood of 2016.

Drainage Projects

Bailey Grove Regional Detention Pond Project at Bayou Parc Perdu

The Baily Grove Detention Pond Project called for the construction of five detention ponds at two locations along Bayou Parc Perdue.

The northern location of the project is one pond located on property the city acquired at 1010 Fortune Road.

Four detention ponds have been constructed at the 400 block of Détente Road in Bayou Parc Perdu’s southern portion.

The purpose of these five detention ponds is for the ponds to all work together to reduce the base flood elevation (BFE) and flow reduction of Bayou Parc Perdue. The project is expected to lower the BFE by up to seven inches.

Bayou Parc Perdu drains into Vermilion and Iberia Parishes, eventually flowing into the Vermilion Bay area.

The five ponds of the Bailey Grove Detention Pond project is expected to help protect over three hundred homes and properties, a church, and a fire station.

LaSalle Coulee Regional Retention Pond Drainage Project

The LaSalle Coulee Drainage Project consists of two retention ponds. These ponds are located north of Southside High School off Larriviere Road.

The two ponds were to be detention ponds; instead the ponds were built as retention ponds due to the ability to dig deeper ponds in this area.

These ponds will capture excess stormwater from the coulee, which will help prevent area flooding.

The LaSalle Coulee drains outside of Youngsville east into St. Martin Parish and eventually into the Atchafalaya basin.

Detention vs Retention Ponds

Detention ponds, also called dry ponds, help avoid flooding by temporarily holding rain or storm-water run-off. There is not a permanent pool of water in it. Once the water has flowed out of the detention pond, the pond is dry, which is why this type of pond is also called a dry pond.

Retention ponds, also called wet ponds, works to control stormwater runoff. Containment of stormwater can help prevent flooding in homes, properties, and businesses. There is a permanent pool of water in a retention pond.

Ribbon Cutting Photos

Tour of Ponds

Ritter provided a tour of the ponds for officials before the ribbon cutting. At the end of the bus tour, a helicopter tour was done with Ritter, Higgins, and Gonzales.

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