Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Spokespersons for Two Causes Speak before Broussard Council


Suzanna Morton and Heather Broussard spoke at the Broussard City Council meeting this evening. Morton and Broussard each represent a great cause.

Morton represents the Acadiana area of the Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency (LOPA). Earlier this month, the City of Broussard raised the LOPA flag at St. Julien Park to support Making Life Happen National Donor Month.

Last Saturday, LOPA held its Pathway of Remembrance with a butterfly release at St. Julien Park. Pathway of Remembrance is an opportunity for donor families to smile and gather to celebrate the lives of their donors’ loved ones. Donor recipients and their families were also a part of the gathering on Saturday.

Morton thanked Mayor Ray Bourque and the City of Broussard for what they do to support LOPA.

With her family at her side, Broussard spoke before the council on Mazie’s Mission. The Broussards lost their third child, Mazie, in October 2020 due to a drowning accident at their home. Mazie helped bring life to others by being an organ donor through LOPA. Mazie was days shy of being eighteen months old when she passed away.

The Broussards started Mazie’s Mission to help bring awareness, educate, and promote water safety so that no family has to experience the loss of a child due to drowning.

The City of Broussard is to display “Prevent Drowning – Keep a Close Eye on Children Around Water” signs around St. Julien Park. Mazie’s two brothers proudly hold the sign in the picture above.

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