Wednesday, November 29, 2023
Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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UL Bikeway Connection Ribbon Cutting

  • Excited to announce this new bike and pedestrian path – the UL Bikeway Connection
  • Partnership between LCG and UL Lafayette
  • Connects UL’s main campus to the University Research Park and the Ragin’ Cajun Athletics Facilities on Cajundome Boulevard.
  • Increases student safety
  • Strengthens bicycle infrastructure in Lafayette
  • Bikeable universities and cities attract students
  • Young adults want to bike more
  • And they want to be, deserve to be protected
  • This project accomplishes that
  • We want to embrace the culture of cycling
  • The UL Bikeway Connection also ties in our Bicycle Lafayette Plan
  • This new pathway is one of 7 network of routes proposed in the plan
  • Rouge Route – four miles
  • Will connect the university to mid-city, Girard Park, and points in between and beyond
UL Bikeway Connection Map-
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