Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Youngsville Council Agenda for July 13, 2023

The agenda for the Youngsville City Council meeting to be held on July 13, 2023, at 6 p.m. includes the following:

Approval of the June 8, 2023 meeting minutes.

Approval of the June 29, 2023 special meeting minutes.
Note: Motion shall clarify the recipients for a 3% cost of living increase within the police department budget, Ordinance No. 485-2023.

Approval of the May 2023 finance report,

Other Business

Youngsville Volunteer Fire Department Board Appointment – City Council Member.

Wildman Warehouse, LLC to request a variance to Section. 130-5. (p) “Requirements, restrictions, and responses” for a self-service storage facility, located on Griffin Road.

Cortney Meyers to request a variance for the expansion of Gracie Jiu Jitsu Youngsville to continue the current façade & allow additional limestone parking.


Resolution No. 2023-20 – A Resolution adopting the Louisiana Compliance Questionnaire for Audit Engagement for the City of Youngsville for fiscal year June 30, 2023.

Ordinations for Final Adoption

Annexation Ordinance No. 486-2023 – An Ordinance of the City of Youngsville, Louisiana amending the official map of the City of Youngsville, providing for the annexation of additional land into the corporate limits of the City of Youngsville, Louisiana, being the tract owned by Isaiah & Kayla Myers, consisting of 0.48 acres located in Section 8, Township 11 South, Range 5 East, Lafayette Parish, as shown on that map titled map showing property to be annexed into the City of Youngsville, Louisiana, 118 Metals Drive, prepared by Kevin D. Domingue, Professional Land Surveyor, dated May 2023.

The meeting is held at 201 Iberia Street in Youngsville.

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