Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Youngsville is Innovative on Drainage


When flooding occurs, diversions of excess stormwater may be required to prevent flooding. Any diversion outside of the City of Youngsville may prove complex because the city would lack the necessary jurisdiction.

When the City of Youngsville cannot use an external route to divert excess water from their city, the city continues forward by seeking innovative ways to create internal diversions for flood prevention. According to Youngsville Mayor Ken Ritter, the city looks for ways to get past, get to the side of, or get around an obstacle to create the necessary excess water diversions.

Youngsville currently has two major drainage projects under construction. The drainage projects are to be used to help prevent flooding of homes, properties, and businesses, such as during the Flood of 2016.

Bailey Grove Regional Detention Pond Project at Bayou Parc Perdu (Drainage Project)

The Baily Grove Detention Pond Project in Youngsville is in progress The project is to construct five detention ponds at two separate locations along Bayou Parc Perdue. It is expected to be completed in approximately nine months.

The City of Youngsville recently acquired property at 1010 Fortune Road, which is to the west of Southfork Road. One detention pond is currently being dug at this property which is on the northern portion of Bayou Parc Perdue.

At the southern portion of Bayou Parc Perdu, four detention ponds are being constructed at the 400 block of Détente Road.

The purpose of these five detention ponds is for the ponds to all work together to reduce the base flood elevation (BFE) and flow reduction of Bayou Parc Perdue. The project is expected to lower the BFE by up to seven inches, and once the Bailey Grove Detention Pond project is completed, it is expected to help protect over three hundred homes and properties, a church, and a fire station.

Bayou Parc Perdu drains into Vermilion and Iberia Parishes where it eventually flows into the Vermilion Bay area.

Photos of Detention Pond at 1010 Fortune Road

Photos of Detention Ponds at Bailey’s Grove

LaSalle Coulee Regional Retention Pond (Drainage Project)

A second major drainage project underway is at the LaSalle Coulee, north of Southside High School off Larriviere Road.

As part of this drainage project, what were to be two detention ponds will instead be retention ponds. The change resulted due to the ability to dig deeper ponds. These ponds will capture excess stormwater from the coulee, which will help prevent flooding.

The LaSalle Coulee drains outside of Youngsville east into St. Martin Parish and eventually into the Atchafalaya basin.

Photos of Retention Pond at LaSalle Coulee

Water outfalls from Anselm Coulee outflow to Bayou Parc Perdu

Water from the Anselm Coulee outflows to Bayou Parc Perdu. To help prevent higher water levels of Bayou Parc Perdue, the goal is to lower the water surface elevation of Anselm Coulee. To help achieve the goal of lowering the water surface level of Anselm Coulee, two detention ponds are being constructed on property purchased by the City of Youngsville along East Milton Road. The city, through public-private partnerships, will also construct three detention ponds on Anslem Coulee.

Detention vs Retention Ponds

Detention ponds, which are also called dry ponds, help to avoid flooding by temporarily holding rain or storm-water run-off. There is not a permanent pool of water in it. Once the water has flowed out of the detention pond, the pond is dry which is why this type of pond is also called a dry pond.

Retention ponds, also called wet ponds, works in controlling stormwater runoff. Containment of stormwater can help prevent flooding in homes, properties, and businesses. There is a permanent pool of water in a retention pond.

One Hundred Percent Federally Funded

The Bailey Grove Detention Pond and LaSalle Coulee Retention Pond projects are being 100% funded by the federal government under the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) under the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Youngsville received the funding due to the Flood of 2016.

Money Saver by Reusing Dirt

Dirt being excavated for the detention pond at Bayou Parc Perdu at the property at 1010 Fortune Road is being delivered to the east side of the Youngsville Highway at Fortune Road. This dirt is to be used in the construction of the Fortune Road roundabout. The roundabout will connect an extension of Fortune Road in Youngsville with the Fairfield Road extension in Broussard. By reusing the dirt, Youngsville saves anywhere from $4-12 for a yard of dirt for the roundabout.

The reuse of dirt for the Fortune Road roundabout is not a first for Youngsville. The city also used dirt brought in from Iberia Street and Savoy Road which was done through a public-private partnership. The dirt is being used to build an amphitheater at the expansion of the Youngsville Sports Complex. The expansion is east of the complex located at Savoy and Détente Roads.

Dirt Hauled

Photos of where dirt is hauled from 1010 Fortune Road to the location of the upcoming Fortune Road roundabout.

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