Thursday, December 7, 2023
Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Youngsville’s New Municipal Complex


Youngsville Mayor Ken Ritter provided BY Local News with a tour inside the city’s new City Hall building. The new city hall is part of Youngsville’s Municipal Complex that will also house the Youngsville City Police Department. City Hall and the police department have separate buildings however both buildings are connected.

Construction for the complex started in May 2021. Planning for the complex took several years to complete, according to Ritter.

Ritter stated the current city hall building is twenty eight years old and when that one was first built, Youngsville was a village with about one thousand residents. The village is now a city with a population of about seventeen thousand.

The complex was built around the oak tree (photo below) in order to preserve the tree. Ritter said the goal is to “plan for the future while being respectful of the past”.

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The complex is located on Iberia Street by the clock roundabout.

Move in date to the new facility is scheduled for November 11, 2022. Ritter will be planning a ribbon cutting for the complex for a later date.


City Hall, Council Chambers, City Police.

First Floor

The first floor houses permitting, planning, utilities and the City Clerk’s office.

Second Floor

The second floor includes offices for the accounting, mayor and assistant to the mayor. It also houses a breakroom and a conference room. The mayor’s office has a view overlooking the roundabout.

City Council Chambers

Upon entering the council chambers from the inside is a wall with the city’s logo along with slats showing timelines of the city’s history.

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