Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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BEDC – What It Is and Does


In May 2023, BYLN followed up with this article with Retail Ready Sites: Fueling Economic Growth in Broussard. On June 16, 2023, a third part of the article was published about the accomplishments of BEDC.

This month, June 2023, BYLN lists some of the Accomplishments of BEDC.

The mission of the Broussard Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) “is to serve the community of Broussard and its elected governing entity by identifying opportunities for long-term economic growth, financial sustainability, and a meaningful quality of life.”

Incorporated on November 20, 1992 and filed with the Louisiana Secretary of State (LA SOS) on December 9, 1992, BEDC is a non-profit organization governed by a volunteer board of directors. BEDC amended its Articles of Incorporation on February 17, 2020 and filed with LA SOS on February 20, 2020. 

BEDC receives funding from the City of Broussard. In the fiscal year 2022/2023, it received $200,000 from the City of Broussard to fund its operations. Currently, the City of Broussard is BEDC’s only source of funding. 

BEDC Board of Directors advises they propose a budget to the Broussard city council each year aligned with the BEDC’s areas of focus, and after funding is approved, it is used in accordance with the annual budget.

Although BEDC receives public funds, board members state the organization is not a public entity.

BEDC works and coordinates with the following organizations:

  1. City of Broussard – BEDC coordinates closely with the City of Broussard as it receives its funding through the City of Broussard’s annual budget. 
  2. LEDA and One Acadiana – BEDC coordinates closely with Lafayette Economic Development Authority (LEDA), which is the Parish economic development organization, and One Acadiana, which is the regional economic development organization, when assisting business clients within Broussard or those considering moving to Broussard to provide economic development incentives and programs or working with landowners to prepare sites to make their development ready through the state’s site certification program and the city’s Retail Ready Initiative.
  3. Broussard Chamber of Commerce – BEDC contracts the Broussard Chamber of Commerce to carry out the City of Broussard’s quality-of-life events and initiatives. According to BEDC, these events and initiatives receive partial funding through BEDC. 

Uses of Funding Received

BEDC uses the funding it receives on its three core areas of operation:

  1. Community Development (Seed funding to host annual quality of life events hosted for the City of Broussard)
    • Christmas Parade.
    • Noel En Broussard events.
    • Independence Day Festival.
    • Spring and Fall concerts/festivals.
  2. Economic Growth Initiatives
    • Business Attractions including certified sites initiative, tradeshow support, Developer/ Commercial Realtor events, City economic profile, etc.
    • Business Retention and expansion, including retail-ready initiative, Broussard Community Job Fair, industry education events, etc.
  3. Tourism Initiatives
    • Establishing Broussard Tourism programs, website, mobile application, and external communication.

The funding BEDC receives from the City of Broussard goes toward support, marketing, and administration of BEDC’s three core initiatives. The core initiatives receive external and internal communication services through its website, social media, search engine optimization, and board events and events administration.

Board Members

BEDC comprises nine board members appointed by the Mayor of Broussard and approved by the Broussard City Council. Three members are President, Vice President, and Treasurer/ Secretary. (View Board Members)

According to BEDC’s amended Articles of Incorporation from 2020, its members consist of the Mayor of Broussard, members of the Broussard City Council, and the nine BEDC board members.

How are volunteer board members selected and processed?

According to BEDC, board members are non-paid volunteers. The board members emerge as community stakeholders and typically live or work in the City of Broussard. Board members are said to be passionate about the Broussard community encouraging economic growth and excellent quality of life. 

The BEDC President and other board members typically meet with any interested prospective board members to inform them of the organization’s mission and initiatives and the expected participation level of a volunteer board member of BEDC.

BEDC invites interested prospective board members to attend one or more BEDC board meetings as guests to meet the entire board. Once BEDC board members are appointed and approved, the board of directors elects officers as President, Vice President, and Treasurer/Secretary.

To learn more about the Broussard Economic Development Corporation, visit its website.

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