Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Commercial Fire at the Edge Apartments

News Release from the Lafayette Fire Department

Commercial Fire at The Edge Apartments Displaces Numerous Tenants

Lafayette, LA – Lafayette firefighters responded to a commercial fire at The Edge Apartments, 1400 N. Bertrand Drive, at 7:38 p.m. last night. The fire department received the initial call of smoke coming from the roof of Building 5 at The Edge Apartments. When firefighters arrived on scene, flames were venting through the roof of the 3-story complex. The initial response of 3 fire trucks and an aerial ladder truck quickly escalated to a 3-alarm fire brining in additional resources consisted of 4 fire truck and another ladder truck. In total, over 30 firefighters were on scene working to extinguished the fire. The magnitude of the structure and concerns for life safety prompted the immediate callout for more manpower.

The initial attic crews quickly gained access to the attic of the building to begin extinguishing activities. Our aerial ladder truck was able to slow the spread of the fire by spraying water from an elevated position. The fire was brought under control within thirty minutes. 

All tenants were safely evacuated from the building. No injuries were reported.

The fire damage was contained to Building 5 which comprised of 12 community-style units with multiple bedrooms in each. The units sustained water damage, primarily the third and second floors. The roof and attic area sustained fire damage. The electrical services were disconnected to the building thereby displacing all tenants. The Edge Apartments were arranging temporary housing for their occupants. Red Cross also arrived on scene to assist.

Fire officials determined the fire originated in the attic. Lightning from a severe weather event has not been ruled out as contributing to the fire. A severe storm producing multiple lighting strikes passed through the area approximately 30-45 minutes before the fire was reported. 

The investigation into the fire continues.

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