Wednesday, November 29, 2023
Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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UPDATE: Lafayette Homicide Investigation


February 20, 2023


Lafayette, LA – Regarding the homicide that occurred on Sunday, February 20, 2023.  The victim has been identified as Jatravian Chevelier 20, of St. Martin.  This homicide is still under investigation and we are urging anyone with information to contact Lafayette Police Department or Lafayette Crime Stoppers at 232-TIPS.

Homicide Investigation

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Original Press Release:  2/20/23 @ 3:46 am

Lafayette, LA – Around 1:50 a.m., Lafayette Police responded to a shooting in progress in the 1000 block of Louisiana Avenue. Officers arrived on scene and discovered a male victim suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. The victim was found inside a vehicle located in the parking lot of 1111 Mudd Avenue. Officers began rendering life-saving measures until the victim was transported to a local hospital. The victim later died as a direct result of his injuries.

Homicide investigators are currently on scene gathering information and piecing together the facts. More information regarding this investigation will be released at a later time.

If anyone has any information regarding this incident, please contact the Lafayette Police Department or Lafayette Crime Stoppers at 232-TIPS.

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