Wednesday, November 29, 2023
Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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UPDATE: LPD Investigating Fatal Crash – Bertrand and Eraste Landry


Lafayette, LA – In regards to last night’s major vehicle crash.  The victim has been identified as, Cody Shane Boudreaux 52, of Lafayette, LA.


All travel lanes on Bertrand Drive and Eraste Landry Road are now open and accessible.

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Lafayette Police Investigating Fatal Vehicle Crash – Bertrand Drive and Eraste Landry Road

Lafayette, LA –  Lafayette Police are currently on the scene of a major vehicle crash involving 2 vehicles. The crash occurred in the intersection of Bertrand Drive and Eraste Landry Road at approximately 8:04 P.M. Preliminary investigation indicates that vehicle #2 was traveling southbound on Bertrand Drive, towards Eraste Landry Road. Vehicle #2 approached and began to enter the intersection on a green traffic control. During this time, vehicle #1 was traveling northbound on Bertrand Drive, and attempted to make a left turn onto Eraste Landry Road. Vehicle #1 then impacted vehicle #2 in the intersection. The driver of vehicle #2 was subsequently extricated from the vehicle, and transported to a local hospital where driver #2 was pronounced deceased. The driver of vehicle #1 refused medical aid on scene.

Lafayette Police Department’s Traffic Fatality Investigators are on scene and conducting a fatal crash investigation. The intersection of Bertrand Drive and Eraste Landry Road is currently closed and motorists are urged to take an alternate travel route. This investigation is ongoing and an update will be provided when more information is confirmed.

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