Sunday, May 19, 2024
Sunday, May 19, 2024


Last updated: May 13, 2024

BY Local News LLC is referred to as BLYN throughout these Policies.

Advertisers, Sponsors and Contributors

Last updated: May 17, 2024

  1. Editorial decisions are not affected by any advertiser, by any sponsor nor by any type of financial contributor to BYLN.
  2. BYLN has full discretion on the approval of any advertiser, advertisement, or sponsor.
  3. Advertisements are for, but not limited to, the following: businesses, organizations, political candidates, musicians, and events.
    • Advertisements for political candidates must include a disclaimer that include the words “this ad is paid for by” or “paid for by” and include the name of the person(s) or organization paying for the advertisement.
  4. Advertisements are not available for personal/self promotion or any public office holder unless associated with a business promotion or running for a public office.
  5. Sponsorships by businesses or organizations are available. Email for inquiries on becoming a sponsor.
  6. Contributors may contribute any dollar amount through this link. No type of advertising is provided to contributors.
  7. Advertisements on or sponsorships of BLYN do not represent the views or opinions of BYLN.
  8. Endorsements are not provided by BLYN for any products, services, persons or opinions of those who support BLYN financially whether it be through advertisements, sponsorships or any type of financial contribution.

Causes / Request for Donations

Last updated: June 12, 2023

Causes that request donations, such as through GoFundMe will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Approval is based solely on BYLN.

Errors, Updates, Copyrights and Trademarks

  1. Requested updates to a story must be emailed to The information will be reviewed and if verified will be updated.
  2. Errors found by either BYLN or is reported to BLYN regarding reporting are addressed and corrected as quickly as possible.
  3. Any copyright or trademark infringement found by BYLN or reported to BYLN will be removed immediately from BLYN.

Letters to the Editor

  1. All Letters to the Editor submitted to BYLN will be reviewed, verified and approved before being published on BYLN.
  2. Letters to the Editor must include first and last name, address, city, state, zip code and telephone number to verify authenticity of submitter.
  3. Name, city, state and telephone number will be included on published Letter to the Editor.

Political Campaign Reporting

Last updated: May 23, 2023

BYLN does not endorse any candidate running for office.
Political campaign advertising on BYLN does not indicate endorsement by BYLN of the candidate. If interested in advertising with us on  BYLN, view our advertising rates.
Campaign announcements, press releases, letters to the editor, and articles (non fundraising related) provided by the campaign may be submitted for consideration to BYLN for publishing. Email to
  • Documents should be emailed as text (typed text within the email, as a Word Document, or in a PDF in which the text can be highlighted and copied).
  • Content in emails / documents are copied from the document and pasted as is on BYLN; please ensure the correct spelling and grammar.
  • Include one photo with the email. The photo should be free of graphics and text overlays.
  • Videos will not be accepted.
BYLN may cover a political campaign announcement event upon the availability of BYLN.
Aside from political campaign announcement events, BYLN may attend but does not cover campaign events or fundraising events.
BYLN does not conduct interviews with political candidates.
BYLN may send a list of questions to all political candidates within a specific race to answer and return to BYLN for publication.
BYLN may report on the qualifications and records of political candidates, which would be done fairly and unbiasedly.
BYLN will publish candidates who qualified for running for office.
BYLN will publish election results.


Unless noted, photos on this site are the property of BYLN and may not be used without the express written consent of BYLN.

Press Releases

Added April 22, 2024

  • BYLN welcomes press releases from anyone for consideration of publishing on BYLN.
  • BYLN publishes press releases from Louisiana’s United States Senators, the U.S. Representative from District 3, Louisiana State Senators and Representatives who represent the Broussard and Youngsville, Louisiana, areas.
    • These press releases are published to inform readers about their legislation and the stance of congressional and legislative representatives on the issues presented in their press releases.

Reporting and Publishing

  1. BYLN will abide by unbiased reporting.
  2. BYLN does not allow its articles or photos to be viewed by anyone before publication.
  3. BLYN does not publish nor accept any information provided anonymously.
  4. BYLN follows the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics to provide ethical reporting.  

Submitted Content or Photos

  1. By submitting content or photos to BLYN submitter is granting permission for BYLN to use and publish such items on the BLYN web site.
  2. Submitted content and photos may be by way of press releases sent to BYLN.
  3. Any photos and / or content submitted to BYLN will retain applicable ownership.
  4. Any photo(s) and / or content submitted to BYLN will need to meet approval by BLYN before these items are considered for BLYN.
  5. Any submitted photos and / or content should be of submitter’s ownership, your copyright and / or trademark.
  6. If any photo(s) and / or content on the BLYN has been advised or found to have ownership(s), copyright(s) and / or trademark(s) of anyone other than submitter or of BLYN, the questionable photo(s) and/or content will be removed by BLYN until and if proper ownership has been established.
  7. Placement of submitted photo(s) and / or content on BLYN does not represent the opinions or views of BLYN.