Sunday, May 19, 2024
Sunday, May 19, 2024

Nursing Home vs Assisted Living: Know the Difference


As people age, they may require assistance if they can no longer live independently, and they may not have family available to help.

If a senior citizen can no longer live independently, options may be available for the individual, such as assisted living or nursing home care. The difference between these two care options may be confusing regarding which one provides what type of care and assistance.

Assisted Living

Assisted living centers provide residents assistance and care while promoting their independence. Assisted living does not offer the same level of care available in nursing homes.

Assisted living facilities offer residents a private room or apartment and a shared common area. The facility provides daily care and assistance, including meals, personal care services, housekeeping, laundry, supervision, security, and on-site staff. These types of facilities also organize recreational activities for their residents.

Assisted living facility payments are through private pay or partially covered by long-term care policies. If someone is looking for assisted living for themself or a family member, it’s best to contact the facility to know what options are available for payment.

Nursing Home Care

Typically, a nursing home resident requires more care and assistance than an assisted living resident. Nursing homes provide residents with medical and personal care services, including nursing care, supervision, meals, and assistance with daily activities.

Nursing homes may provide skilled nursing care and rehabilitation services to residents.

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Depending on eligibility, nursing home care may be paid for by Medicaid, Medicare (for skilled nursing), or private pay. Long-term care insurance may provide coverage for some nursing home care services.

Check with a potential nursing home or assisted living facility for more information.

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