Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Youngsville’s Interim Council Member Appointed for Division D, A&D Sworn In


During the Special Council meeting held in Youngsville this afternoon, Jamie Creed, was appointed by City Council Members to act as the temporary council member for Division D until a special election can be conducted.

The previous Division D council member, Ken Stansbury, resigned from his position last month on October 16, 2023, after being elected as the Council Member for Lafayette Parish Council District 3.

Youngsville City Attorney Wade Trahan, administered the oath of office to Creed and Shannon Bares after the special meeting was held. Last month Bares was elected for Division A, filling in the unexpired term for former council member Kayla Menard-Reaux, who resigned in April 2023.

Bares officially took the oath of office by Trahan on October 18, 2023, allowing her to take the seat she won.

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